That California bud

My kids appreciate going to the zoo! Thank goodness there is the Santa Barbara Zoo with over 500 unusual kinds of pets.

The kids can spend all afternoon there walking around plus looking at the unusual critters.

The zoo is entirely great at doing weekly events plus hands-on activities for the kids, then one of the best is to be a zookeeper for the afternoon. The kids get to play with baby pets appreciate meerkats. They can feed them, handle them plus just watch them be. The kids appreciate it plus they learn something too, nearby the zoo is the beach, great locations to eat plus shops; It regularly makes for a giant afternoon out when all of us go to the zoo. Typically a beach afternoon plus zoo afternoon can’t be paired together. But, I regularly can warnagle the kids away from the pets with the promise of a great dinner. Santa Barbara has some entirely great locations to eat. There are quite a few great Mexican locations that I appreciate to take the kids to. They go ridiculous for salsa plus guacamole. Once it is time for bed, mama gets to have her own kind of fun. The legal weed dispensary near myself and others offers cannabis delivery. I smoke our cannabis oil through a vape, then you can’t aroma it plus the vape does not look appreciate a cannabis product. I take a few hits late at night once the kids are sleeping. I feel great plus loose. That is our reward for trudging through the moderate sun with wild kids all afternoon.

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