Temperatures in Tuscaloosa were over 90 today

Tuscaloosa, AL is house to the University of AL, and the university is a major reason why I live in Tuscaloosa, however i was accepted to the university back in 2005.

I graduated with my Master’s Degree & after that I started teaching at the college.

Tuscaloosa is a wonderful place to live & work. The University campus is part of the history & charm of the town, but everyone in the town cheers for AL & all the shops close down for game morning. Tuscaloosa is in the western part of AL & is entirely one of the biggest cities in the area, and people around here take their college football seriously & that includes me. I never miss a game. Tuscaloosa has a particular & interesting history & lots of culture. Periodically I want to leave Tuscaloosa & move someplace that is cooler, especially on nights when the temperatures are over 100 degrees. Today temperatures in Tuscaloosa were over 100 degrees & I did not want to leave my office on campus. I have a undoubtedly nice mini-split AC component in my office that was supplied by the school. Unblessedly, they do not spend my money for the AC in my house & it’s broken down. The a/c in my apartment does not cool easily well. I know it’s time to call a substitutement business to get an estimate, although I have office hours all morning & all afternoon. I would have to stay house during the morning & miss classes unless I can find a business in Tuscaloosa that offers stretchy & convenient scheduling on all of their AC repairs & substitutements.

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