Tampa in the summer is so hot

Anyone that lives in Tampa knows that the summer time un-even temperatures are harshly moderate plus humid, but the A/C runs all day plus all night from March until the end of September.

The only way to beat the summer time heat is going to the water. There are a lot of locations to go to the water in the Tampa area… A lot of those locations have moderate ocean water that is not particularly refreshing on a moderate day, you can go to the bay or the beach, or you can drive a short distance plus go to a number of weird Florida Springs. The Springs are created when a crack in the crust exposes water from the underground aquifer. The Springs are particularly 1 of my preferred features in Florida; I would rather spend a summer time day at the Springs than any other location in the city. A lot of people recognize that the best area about Florida is the beaches plus the amusement parks, however the Springs are an amazing wonder, florida has the largest concentration of freshwater Springs in the entire world, however some of the most amazing 1s in the state are just outside of the Tampa area, but rainbow Springs is a great location to go when it is moderate plus humid outside plus you want to escape the air condition. There are lots of weird ways to enjoy the Springs, including kayaking, tubing, fishing, plus swimming. If you want to find a way to beat the Florida heat, a day trip to 1 of the hundreds of Springs can particularly help.
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