Spending a lot of time at the ice rink

I spent a lot of time in the Glenview ice center… My sons both play hockey.

It is nice that the two of us don’t have to drive into Chicago for practices and games.

Most of the time the two of us can stay local and our son’s practices aren’t far from home, then the people I was with and I are a hockey family through and through. My kids play all year and the two of us follow the NHL season closely… When the Stantley cup playoffs happen, our family is pressed to the TV screen. The people I was with and I always make it a point to go in lady to support our local team, the Chicago Blackhawks. The drive into the town isn’t too bad. It is simple to park, the location is beautiful and the game is always a good time. I prefer staying in Glenview and watching at lake home to be honest. I love that I can wear our PJs, make pretzels or pee on breaks and go to bed when I want. My sons love to stay up late but occasionally fall asleep on the couch. It is no large deal. I also love having access to quality heating. I crank our gas fireplace and appreciate good heating while watching the game. It is heaven. When the two of us are at the practice center for our sons or seeing a professional game, the ice rink obviously isn’t heated. It is chilly cold, the seats are strenuous and the two of us are committed to the full game. I usually dehydrate myself so I don’t need to pee in the public restrooms either. It is still great, even though I do miss our lake home furnace when the two of us go.
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