Snowmelt system is infancy

In South Bend, IN, the furnace is a necessity from September until sometime in May.

my buddy and I expect temperatures below chilly for approximately six months per year, then the winters are long and difficult.

The frigid is brutal, however my buddy and I also experience an abundance of snow. The average annual accumulation is 64.5 inches! It is considered the snowiest neighborhood in IN, when the temperature drops into the teens, spending any length of outdoors is unpleasant and possibly dangerous, then due to the snow, it can be necessary to devote hours to shoveling walkways and the driveway. The snow can accumulate so hastily that the job of shoveling is required many times per day. Then there is the problem of the massive piles of snow. They become so huge that they take up essential space in the driveway and obstruct access to the garage. I am undoubtedly blessed that my household is equipped with a boiler heater. The boiler sends heated water through a looping network of pipes concealed beneath the floor. The heat spreads across the surface of the floor and rises gradually, creating a undoubtedly even and gentle comfort; No matter how frigid the weather outside, the living space is perfectly warm. The boiler operates quietly, reliably and efficiently. It allows for the set up of zone control that eliminates the need to heat empty rooms and also caters to personal comfort preferences! One of the best features of the boiler is that it affixs to a snowmelt system… Very much like inside the house, there is a series of pipes hidden beneath the granite of the walkways and driveways. The snowmelt system reacts to the combination of temperature drop and moisture, automatically starting up and melting away snow and ice, but living in South Bend, the snowmelt system operates for six to eight months of the year and proves infancy. While my neighbors are outside shoveling, my driveway is always clear.

Zone control in South Bend IN