She moved to Portland to be with me

There are a lot of older people that don’t trust online dating.

I am here to set the record straight, and say that YES it can work out! I know there are a lot of fake accounts out there, people called “catfish” that trick folks into falling in love with someone who doesn’t exist.

This does happen, and it sucks… but there are also a lot of happy endings that come from online dating. When I met my future wife, it was over Facebook, as we traded comments and movie quotes on the page of a mutual friend. Barely one year later and that woman moved to Portland, Oregon just to be with me! If circumstances were different, I would have moved to be with Jenny, but I was tied to the city of Portland. I was the legal guardian of my elderly mother, and I also am the co-owner of a small but profitable cannabis dispensary in Portland. Both of these things prohibited me from moving away from Portland, at least for a while. The cannabis business needed me, and so did my Mom. Jenny understood this, and took the risk of moving across the country to Portland just to live with me and make a life together. Before she took her first flight to Portland to spend the weekend with me, I had never met Jenny before. Our romance blossomed, and is still strong after 2 years, so I have to say that online love affairs cant turn into long-time happiness. Jenny and I are very happy here in Portland, Oregon.

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