Santa Barbara is my kind of town

Nelly and her co-workers decide to go and get some drinks after work, it had been a long and stressful week for almost everyone, however most of them were not married, so they did not have to rush beach condo after work.

The whole group had a favorite watering hole where they could also like some karaoke.

That night, they were talking about the weird sites they’ve visited. That’s when Nelly happened to mention she had never been to Santa Barbara, everyone was shocked for a moment. Then her friend advised they plan a trip. They’d fly there during the weekend and get to explore both the city and wine country, then nelly was so excited, and they began searching for the perfect weekend for the trip, however about 8 of her colleagues managed to go on a trip. They flew into Santa Barbara early a single Sunday morning and got to their hotel. After freshening up, they opted to go into the city in search of some supper, then on the way, Nelly saw some weed dispensaries and asked her colleagues to go into a single of them with her. Marijuana is legal in Santa Barbara, and Nelly had all intentions to relax that weekend. After having supper, they began to explore the amazing sights and gardens in the area. One thing Nelly had been longing to do was right the tram line! Her wish came tplot as they all boarded and took so many pictures and videos during the experience, then later, they all got a option to like the Santa Barbara nightlife after dinner. There were so many fantastic nightclubs in the location which made Nelly quite cheerful.



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