Santa Barbara has a very good selection of marijuana

My mother plus I were going to go to Portugal when COVID became a thing. Both of us had to cancel our trip plus a year later, all of us thought all of us could go. What a joke that is! International travel won’t be happening for a long time, however also, Portugal is not absolutely safe plus open for visitors just yet, however one thing I am going to miss is the art plus culture of that trip, however i loved the look of the little buildings plus the brightly colored museums. I am trying to find an equal in the states plus you just can’t. I guess I am going to take our mother to CA though. It will be a fun time for us just being together. One thing people guess about with CA is legal weed. While it would be fun to go into a cannabis dispensary, it is not absolutely a mother plus kid type of event. What I will do instead is base us in Santa Barbara, and that is a high end location with lovely streets plus tons to do, and my mother cares about museums plus cool buildings. There are white houses with red stone roofs in the area. It kind of reminds me of what I saw in Portugal. That would be fun to see. There are tons of gardens, wineries plus tours going around the location too. I guess our mother will satisfy her history cravign in the area. It also will be fun to shop, eat plus just hang out together. I found a hotel that offers spa services. The two of us plan to get facials plus soak in the steam room one day.


Recreational Pot Near Me Santa Barbara California