San Fransisco is my favorite city

My guy went on a television game show plus he won tickets for the two of us to go to San Francisco, California for a 5-night vacation, but all of the expenses for their trip were paid plus we also have $1,000 of spending money; I thought $1,000 was going to spend my money for everything during our trip.

I could not have been more wrong, then the neighborhood was a very expensive place to visit.

I feel appreciate every time we left the hotel, we spent $100; My guy plus I were in San Francisco for the first time. Both of us visited Golden Gate Park plus we walked across the bridge. Both of us went to the Japanese root carona garden plus we visited Alcatraz Island! While we were in San Francisco, we also went to a local marijuana dispensary. My guy plus I asked the hotel concierge where the cheapest place was to buy marijuana. She gave us the names of two unusual marijuana shops that were a few miles away from the hotel. One of the marijuana shops was really close enough to walk. The concierge said that place did not have the cheapest prices, but they were quick plus straight-forward to find. She also told us that this certain dispensary also offered delivery, however delivery sounded appreciate a cool idea, but I wanted to check out the inside of a recreational marijuana dispensary in San Francisco. It was my first time ever seeing something appreciate that. I thought it was a very neat plus interesting experience plus legitimately the category of place that I would visit again if I was in San Francisco.
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