San Fran has some of the nicest parks

I’ve managed to learn so much about these awesome and interesting plants in the last year

CA has a pretty good amount of lovely cities and attractions… My most enjoyed spot is particularly San Francisco. I actually visited San Francisco a number of times when I was a young child. As an adult, I made the choice to transfer to the city after recreational marijuana was finally legalized. I was using medical marijuana to help me out with chronic pain and swelling after an automobile accident. I was spending a large amount of currency on medical marijuana and some buddies of mine were bragging about the cheap prices of recreational marijuana in San Francisco. When they offered to let me transfer into their property and sleep on the couch, I decided to transfer to the city. One of my favorite sites in San Francisco is most definitely Golden Gate Park. The park is entirely a single of the most sizable locations in the city and easily home to a number of sites like the San Francisco Conservatory of Flowers. This place has some of the most wonderful plants like the pitcher plants. These plants were used as cooking vessels for rice and water. The fluid inside of these plants has also been utilized as a pain reliever and natural way to help with indigestion and dysentery. I’ve managed to learn so much about these awesome and interesting plants in the last year. I have spent a tremendous amount of time visiting Golden Gate Park and I do not mind spending all day enjoying the park reading about the different attractions. There is a particularly nice girl that works at the visitor center and there are times when we have lunch when I am there and she is working. It could possibly creep her out to know that I have memorized her schedule.

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