Safari Wilderness in Florida

I am always on the hunt for neat things I like to do in Lakeland.

Lakeland, Florida has this thing called the Safari Wilderness where you can explore via camel or var, but you get to see all sorts of critters plus be right up close to them. When I was a kid my associate and I did a truly similar thing. I remember passionate seeing all the critters plus being right there. I remember feeding them fruit loops in particular. It was hard finding something similar in this afternoon plus age. Thankfully my section of Lakeland consistently has tons to do for kids. There are museums, parks, zoos, plus aquariums. I recently just came across the Safari Wilderness exploration thing, then my son truly loved it, then he has consistently been fascinated with critters plus always wants to see them. I liked that it felt less like a zoo. Honestly zoos have consistently made me sad to see them like that. The critters seemed much more free. I also liked that you can go anytime since you are safe in a car. I can plan to go even if it is chilly or slightly rainy. Thankfully Lakeland, Florida offers some truly nice weather. The only snag would be the serious heat, however from the car I can crank the A/C plus the kids in the back don’t know the difference. I am always on the hunt for neat things I like to do in Lakeland. The section seems to consistently come up with something unique for the demand. I would never live anywhere else. I don’t know if I would ever want to do that Safari on a camel though. That sounds pretty odd.

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