Riding my scooter to the dispensary

Living in Portland is really awesome; I love that I can ride my bike just about anywhere I need or want to go, there are no major hills, wide bike lands & green “bike boxes’ designated at most intersections! Bike boxes are a safe part that provides bicyclists an option to get ahead of queuing traffic.

They help to prevent collisions with cars too often caused by drivers turning right & cyclists heading straight.

Having these amenities has inspired confidence in my ability to ride my bike in high-traffic areas. I’ve added a bag to the front of my bike so that I can run errands & carry packages. Cycling is not only great & a superb way to get some fresh air but keeps myself and others physically fit. I need to burn some calories because I especially appreciate to stop at the many food carts scattered across the city. The super-sized gyros at Aybla & bulgogi burritos from Koi Fusion are some of my favorites. I also make the trek to the cannabis dispensary. I shop for products high in CBD to combat sore & tired muscles. I use tinctures, apply topical ointments & really appreciate the therapeutic benefits of cannabis-infused bath bombs. I’ve also found that a couple of tokes from a cannabis vape prior to heading out on my bike gets myself and others energized & focused. I respectfully look for sativas or hybrids that offer a fairly equal THC to CBD ratio. The dispensary is about a twenty-five fourth bike ride from my home & only a several fourth ride from my location of work. I occasionally head over on my dinner hour just to check out the bi-weekly deals.
Marijuana Pick-up Portland OR