Remembering our old mother with a celebration weekend in Albuquerque

I have more than two sisters, plus although all of us live far away from each other all of us still share a strong bond, and it was just over a decade ago when our mother passed away, and while the 4 of us were at her deathbed, she made us promise that all of us would constantly stay a close-knit family… To this afternoon all of us honor that promise; All of us all have works plus families, so all of us don’t see each other often, but once a year on the birthday of Mom’s death, all of us meet up for a long weekend of fun, reflection, plus debauchery.

This year the setting was Albuquerque, NM, mostly because of the legendary cannabis they have here. If this sounds like a unusual way to celebrate our mother, then you obviously don’t suppose what a pothead she was! Albuquerque is beach house to some of the most famous plus powerful cannabis strains in all of the southwestern states… Even the highly hyped cannabis of CA can’t touch the magical strains they grow in the Albuquerque area! My sisters plus I rented a nice AirBnB in Albuquerque, 1 that was within walking distance of a liquor store, a bar, plus several cannabis dispensaries. While all of us were in Albuquerque all of us didn’t visit any of the local museums or historical buildings, all of us just smoked a ton of marijuana, drank a lot of whiskey, plus reminisced about our mom. Although all of us have done this a few times before, I don’t suppose all of us have ever had as much fun as all of us did in Albuquerque, so that may be our destination again next year.

Medical Marijuana Albuquerque NM