Recreational cannabis and how to get it

When it comes time for a trip, a getaway, or even a long weekend, Denver has something for almost everyone, then the neighborhood is best known for three things – skiing, sports, and cannabis, but i assure you this is just the beginning, and there are so multiple fun things I enjoy in Denver you can never get bored! First, I’d like to talk about a topic few people discuss, which is the charming dining available in downtown Denver… Sure, you can find a enjoyable cheeseburger or a pizza, however if you want refined cuisine, Denver has you covered with eating establishments of all genres of food and styles of cooking.

If you know where to look you can even find a cannabis cafe, which is a meal unlike any you’ve ever tasted.

The cannabis cafe is usually booked weeks in advance, so make a reservation before you come to Denver… Of course, a meal at the cannabis cafe is actually fancy and costs a lot of currency; You might find it cost prohibitive, so as a back-up plan you can stop by any of the local Denver dispensaries and choose from hundreds of odd cannabis edibles and gummies. There are more cannabis dispensaries in Denver than there are Starbucks… and there are a lot of Starbucks! If you are bringing your family to Denver then you might not be as interested in cannabis as I am. That’s OK, because Denver has dozens of odd art galleries, history museums, and public parks. It’s not taxing to find some kind of outdoor party or celebration, because Denver always has something fun going on.

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