Pregnant for a Cocoa summer was a mistake

I basically was in 90 degree heat my entire 9 month pregnancy

Being pregnant was absolutely horrible. I wasn’t quite prepared for all the changes my body would go through. Yes, I know I would get bigger, have swollen ankles and maybe some cravings. I wasn’t prepared for the spike in my body temperature. Apparently you run hotter while pregnant. Who knew? I also used to live up north. I didn’t consider the Florida summers and how hot they are. If I would have thought of it, I would have timed my pregnancy better. Instead I managed to get pregnant in spring and was huge for the summer. My body temperature spiked and I was super hot. My area of Cocoa Florida gets temperatures in the 100s. Typically I can handle that. I just wear a swimsuit and shorts all the time. Being pregnant meant it was just too hot for me. I would get lightheaded, nauseous and sweat through everything. Also my swim tops didn’t fit me. It was horrible. I realized that I had to stay indoors. No direct sun and sometimes I couldn’t even sit in the shade. I spent my whole summer inside with the AC blasting. I wasn’t too pleased about it. I also removed my comforter since my husband didn’t want to lower the thermostat. I had a bedsheet and was in my underwear and I was still sweating buckets. I didn’t realize how long summers last in Cocoa FL too. I basically was in 90 degree heat my entire 9 month pregnancy. I Will neve make that mistake again. Next time I want to be big in the wintertime.


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