Phoenix is filled with fun activities and places to visit

There are lots of fun and exciting activities in the city of Phoenix.

There are educational activities for children and lots of parks and recreational areas.

There are also lots of bars, restaurants, and outdoor activities for adults. Phoenix is filled with a number of private and public golf courses that are rated number one in the country. One of my favorite golf courses is only a few miles away from my parents house. I usually stop and pick up my dad and we go to the country club together. The golf course is private, but on Tuesdays they open up the course to the public. They charge a hefty fee to play on the course, but once a month my dad and I go together. Last Tuesday my Dad was supposed to go with me to the golf course. I stopped at the house to pick up my dad and there was a service repairman from an AC repair place in Phoenix in the driveway. My dad didn’t tell me there were problems with the AC unit and it was a pretty warm day. I walked into the house and my dad was sitting in the kitchen. My dad wasn’t going to be playing golf that morning, because the AC unit was broken down. My mom was trying to convince my dad to go, because the repairman from Phoenix was already there. My dad did not want to leave my mom alone at home with the air conditioner repairman still there. He is very old fashioned and a little over protective. I easily moved our tee time to later that day and my mom made me a big breakfast.

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