Not all legal marijuana states and cities are the same

New Mexico has loose laws when it comes to recreational Cannabis.

I’ve course not all of New Mexico has the same laws.

Much as it has been left to individual cities to police the marijuana usage. I haven’t been able to find a lot of information on people in Albuquerque and how they feel about the change in recent marijuana laws. Personally it didn’t matter much to every one of us. I spoke with an Associate living in the state of Colorado. A lot of crime has easily changed since passing a legal marijuana bill. It was helpful to prevent illegal marijuana sales. Everyone prefers to buy items from the dispensary as they have no harmful additives. The black market marijuana problem was eventually shut down and I didn’t guess this would actually happen in Albuquerque. New Mexico has medical and recreational marijuana in the state that is legalized. I really couldn’t see Albuquerque decreasing much of anything due to our state being quite generous with rules. The Albuquerque neighborhood Council had a lot of questions so I curiously went to the town meeting. I tried to go once a week and keep my mouth closed unless there is something important that would keep me or affect my life. When the whole point of having cannabis is a question for the people in New Mexico, I try to attend those meetings. They don’t think me plus they think that every one of us two plus is one reason why I actually go there quite often.



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