Nobody wants to visit us anymore

It used to be a large trip hub for my in-laws.

  • My hubby’s family would frequently come plus visit us throughout the year! The two of us lived in FL plus it was a constant stream of guests.

Occasionally I would have 6 extra people in my house since so many were going to see. My hubby made it easy on them, but he would drive them to plus from the airport, then i would make all the meals for all the people plus wash the rooms. They got basically a free trip, but all they needed to do was book flights plus everything was taken care of. My hubby would book a beach house plus entertain all the people on the beach. He would organize golf, brunces plus all sorts of fun Monday activities… Now the people I was with and I live in Portland Oregon. At first I was bummed by our location. The two of us lost our actually nice weather plus acquired a much colder climate. There is not as much to do in the area either. I then realized that nobody in my hubby’s family wanted to visit us anymore, however suddenly they didn’t see the need to see us as often. Nobody wants to fly to Oregon, what is that state even known for? I am ecstatic that nobody has figured out recreational cannabis is here. I suppose his family would be all over us to see the dispensaries plus opportunity up the products. I am keeping that a secret. It is nice finally enjoying my house in peace without business. My hubby plus I got actually sick of being the hosts for people.


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