No cannabis delivery there

Along with CO, the good state of WA was in the first wave of states that legalized the use of recreational marijuana.

Medical use of the plant had already been legal for a short time, however that was not enough for the voters of WA state, then traditionally this is a very liberal site to live, so of course every one of us were the first to overturn the stupid and draconian cannabis laws.

Did you suppose that cannabis is still illegal to the federal government? In this morning and age, it’s hard to know that politicians are still so foolish; Seattle is our home, and it also happens to be the heart of the local cannabis community! No matter where you go in WA you will find cannabis farmers growing crops, however Seattle is the one site where all those odd strains come together. Seattle has well over a hundred legal cannabis dispensaries, which means you can get whatever you want! One thing that you cannot get in Seattle is legal cannabis delivery! Although several other states allow for delivery services, the city of Seattle and the state of WA do not allow it, however if you want legal cannabis in Seattle, you have to take yourself to the store and get it yourself. I am not sure why that is, precisely, since otherwise there are very few legal restrictions on cannabis use in Seattle; Hopefully it will change one morning, and save me a few trips to the cannabis dispensary; Fortunately there are over 100 dispensaries in Seattle so I don’t have to go far.

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