New Mexico has relaxing marijuana prices

New Mexico has relaxing prices on marijuana! When marijuana was only legal for medical reasons, the prices were still lower than the national average, but now that recreational marijuana has been legalized as well, the prices for recreational marijuana in Albuquerque and the rest of New Mexico are lower than most sites around the country, then i am delighted to live in Albuquerque, however I am even more excited to live in a state that allows recreational marijuana use; A lot of my friends and family live in a single of the neighboring states that does not have legal marijuana laws, most of the people in the section have to rely on purchasing illegal marijuana from street dealers.

It’s impossible to guess what kind of marijuana you are getting and it is not worked on for potency. A contractor might tell you that you are getting a red dream strain, however in actuality it might be an Indica like OG Kush! You think you’re getting ready for a day at work, however you’re falling asleep behind the wheel, but since marijuana was legalized, all of the sites that sell marijuana in Albuquerque have to follow strict instruction and testing, then every single marijuana purchase has to be marked with the date that it was packaged and all of the information about the THC and CBD content has to be listed as well. When I go to the dispensary and order a sativa like red dream, it is going to have the same effect on my body and mind every single time; That is the difference between a street drug and medicine.


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