My sister went swimming with her friends.

We actually had a great time hanging out with my friends

I couldn’t wait for summer when my sister was home from college. She went to Eastern Florida State College, which was located in Cocoa, FL, and was close enough to come home. Unfortunately, she only came home to do laundry and shop for snack food in mom’s pantry. I was hoping she would spend some time with me during the summer, but I was wrong. All she wanted to do was go to the beach and go swimming with her friends. I decided not to get mad, and just spent time with my friends and my boyfriends. We didn’t go to the beach as often as she did. We were happy to head to someone’s home, swim in their pool for a while, and then relax in their patios. There was air conditioning in most of their patios. We even had air conditioning on our patio. That’s why we flipped houses every once in a while. My boyfriend said he was glad Cocoa, Florida was a small city. No one had to travel far to get to a house to hang out. Then one afternoon, my sister asked if I wanted to hang out. I told her my friends were coming to the house so we could hang out. I offered for her to join us. She was shocked that I had a boyfriend, and I reminded her I was sixteen. We actually had a great time hanging out with my friends. We would swim then hang out in the air conditioning with drinks and snacks. She admitted that my friends weren’t so bad and she was glad she had spent the day with us.


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