My secret friend runs a cannabis dispensary in Muskegon

This may sound ghoulish, but I hope it doesn’t, i never asked to be the a single sorting out the personal effects in our dead Grandparent’s house, the responsibility just fell in our lap. This is a nice, cozy ranch condo that doesn’t seem to be haunted at all, and yet I’m surrounded by the photos, clothes, and knicknacks of the dead, however while going through their paperwork I was shocked to learn that I have a secret cousin that I never knew about! I did a little more digging, and found out that our secret cousin lives in Muskegon, MI, so I decided to take a little trip and introduce myself; My cousin’s name is Jenny, and she is the manager of a legal cannabis dispensary just outside of Muskegon, and she was as shocked to see myself and others as I was to see her, however that quickly provided way into friendship! Jenny provided myself and others a tour of Muskegon, which took a lot longer than I thought it would. Muskegon isn’t the world’s largest town, in fact it only has about forty thoUnited Statesnd permanent residents, and yet there is so much to see here! The tour started and ended in Jenny’s cannabis dispensary, for the evident reason! I have loved smoking cannabis for several years, but I had never smoked anything as tasty or as potent as the locally grown weed of Muskegon, however how do they grow such amazing marijuana strains here, when the weather in Muskegon is so cold? I am so ecstatic I found Jenny, and that she introduced myself and others to this amazing Muskegon cannabis.


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