My parents sent myself and others to spend the Summer in Denver

During the Summer when I turned fourteen, my parents sent myself and others to live with my Grandfatherrents for the entire summer! I got into some trouble with some friends at home and my Dad and dad did not want myself and others to be at home alone the whole time I was home from school; They sent myself and others to my Grandfatherrents apartment in Denver, CO; At first, I was actually frustrated about spending the whole Summer in Denver, Iowa from my friends. I did not know I would have any fun at all with my Grandfatherrents. After all, they’re aged and I did not assume them actually well. The single Summer I spent in Denver, CO, was the best Summer of my whole life, but my Grandfatherrents took myself and others everywhere in the city; Every one of us went to Museums, Art Galleries, restaurants, and a couple of other sites. My Grandfather took myself and others fishing every weekend and my Grandmother made the best meals out of delicious things that she had in her garden. I went back to visit my Grandfatherrents again when I had a Wintertide cut the next year. I fell in like with the town of Denver and I decided to move there when I graduated from high school. I moved into my Grandfatherrents garage for a couple of years until I had enough money for my own site, however now I have a full time task and a career. I prefer Denver and everything it has to offer, including marijuana. Marijuana dispensaries are abundant in the town and definitely accessed. Marijuana still is not legal where my Dad and dad live.



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