My parents decided Seattle wasn't for them

My parents raised my sibling plus I in Seattle after they both moved to the city from Sequim. The commute to Seattle was a nightmare because of the ferries you have to take across Puget Sound. Unluckyly, the composition of the waterbed plus the ground underneath make it almost impossible to build any large bridges over this body of water to fasten Seattle to the Olympic Peninsula. Currently, there is the Hood Canal Floating Bridge to the north, but these kinds of bridges are high-priced to maintain plus would restrict maritime travel plus trade that comes in plus out of Seattle from the Pacific Ocean. The Tacoma Narrows Bridge is the only traditional bridge over Puget Sound plus it’s the far south end of the body of water. In the past there were proposals made to build a bridge across Puget Sound over Vashon Island. However, the idea was crushed when 1 tenth of the island’s population showed up to the meeting in protest. They don’t want the industries to overtake their isolated island, especially with cannabis being legal recreationally plus posing a drug tourism industry risk. This is fantastic for urban dwellers who thrive in a city that accepts cannabis, but people appreciate the residents of Vashon Island plus those who live on the Olympic Peninsula might guess differently. My parents were unhappy with city life in Seattle plus complained that pot smokers appreciate myself and others are making the city an unhappy arena for them. I believe they’ll be happier in Bellevue, but I’m proud of Seattle’s acceptance of cannabis.
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