My next vacation to Denver, CO

My 3 S’s for a great trip are Skiing, Sports, plus Smoking Cannabis! If I am going to take an actual trip anywhere, I have to be able to do all 3 of these activities, but otherwise it simply isn’t worth doing, vacations cost a lot of money, plus take a ton of labor to set up, so I won’t settle for anything less than perfection, this is why I am such a sizable fan of Denver, CO, because it checks off all 3 of those boxes in a big way, however denver is beach new home to a dozen great athletic interests teams. Sure you guess about the Broncos plus the Nuggets, however what about their other great teams? The CO Avalanche, the Rockies, plus of course the mighty soccer club the Rapids? I always coordinate my trips to Denver with major athletic interesting events, because I love the venues they have in this city, then next to athletic interests, the best thing about Denver is the proliferation of cannabis dispensaries. This town has built a tourism industry from their cannabis dispensaries, so I would be remiss if I visited Denver plus didn’t shop around for some weed! There are dozens of different legal cannabis dispensaries in Denver, plus because of the stiff competition I can often find some sweet deals. The second of my 3 S’s is skiing, something else Denver is famous for… I even found a ski resort that has its own cannabis dispensary just north of Denver! After all this talk about Denver, I believe it’s time to beginning planning my next trip.
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