My kid had his ceremony shower in Las Vegas.

It is not prefer both of us live close to Las Vegas, NV, because both of us lived almost 500 miles away.

Regardless of the distance they had to travel, our kid had his ceremony shower in Las Vegas, but his entire bridal party, along with the groom plus his groomsmen, all flew to Las Vegas, NV, for their pre-ceremony parties.

I knew they were planning on partying strenuous when I heard our kid talk about legal recreational marijuana! They got 2 suites, a single for the groom plus his entourage plus a single for the bride plus his entourage. I knew they had booked shows at strip clubs, because our kid asked me to help his book them. I asked his if he could ‌rent a limo while they were there so no a single was driving? She told me that with all the drinking they were going to do in Las Vegas, plus ‌that Las Vegas had recreational marijuana, there was no way anyone would attempt to drive. This made me know better, however a section of me wished I was going with them. I was wondering how much fun they were having in Las Vegas, NV, when our PC rang. It was our kid crying plus telling me how much he missed his mommy. It suddenly hit his that in another week, he would no longer be in Las Vegas, however walking down the Nile plus becoming a fiance, and he told me he was scared, however the recreational marijuana was kicking in. I knew his fear would soon dissipate, however the headache would be with his for the entire plane ride home.


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