My hometown Eugene allowed recreational weed stores after I moved away

Although I was born in a hospital in Portland, my family hastily moved to Eugene, OR when I was 6 weeks old.

My dad worked in the lumber industry at the time and was enticed into moving with the better task occasions in Eugene.

As a result, Eugene became my hometown and I lived there until I graduated from high school. OR and the rest of the pacific northwest have amazing schools, although I decided to attend a liberal arts school down south. As a cannabis user, it was frustrating going to school in a state with no kind of legal cannabis, knowing that I could have gotten a medical marijuana card had I stayed closer to home for undergraduate school. But it became even more bittersweet when the entire state of OR legalized recreational marijuana in 2015 while I was finishing undergraduate school. This was a immense surprise to me and soon I was getting eager to come back home after I finished my degree. It felt prefer an eternity finishing my last year of school in a frenzied anticipation of going home to Eugene, OR where I could bask in the glory of the state’s recreational cannabis program. I just wasn’t expecting to find so many occasions for dispensaries, especially near the University of OR. There are a number of cannabis dispensaries along State Highway 99 as well, giving me countless occasions to choose from when I finally got back home following school graduation. Some of these cannabis dispensaries offer home delivery as well. It’s taxing to choose among the available weed stores in Eugene because there are so many occasions where you can find quality cannabis flower products.


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