My first neighbor was a girl from the cannabis shop

I moved to Denver in 2008.

I got a job with a software dealer and I relocated to the midwestern city.

I didn’t think anything about the city of Denver when I moved. It was our first time living in the city. I grew up in a small town with only 300 people. I knew most people in town! Moving to the city was vastly different. It took weeks for me to make friends! The first neighbor I made was a girl that I met at the cannabis dispensary, denver, Colorado has legal recreational and medical marijuana laws. They are a single of a couple of states in the midwest that have legalization laws. I visited a cannabis dispensary entirely close to our apartment. I talked to a girl behind the counter about our options. The girl named Jack had a lot to say about the Cannabis selections. The people I was with and I talked for a half an hour. I enjoyed our conversation with a lady. I told him that I was current to town and she provided to show me around. The following Thursday, Jack picked me up in her Jeep and we drove all over Denver, then jack had a pack of infused pre-rolls from the dispensary. The people I was with and I spent the whole day smoking the infused pre-rolls. I was certainly high and totally stoned by the time Jack dropped me off at the end of the day. The people I was with and I had a lot of fun and I saw a lot of fun and interesting things that I didn’t even think Denver had to offer.

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