My favorite rooftop bar in Tampa uses cute heaters

Over the last ten years, Tampa has fast become a warm spot in Florida.

The two of us have so numerous venues in the city that people from neighboring towns drive over to spend the weekend here; While some areas are packed with a lot of these visitors as well as tourists, there are particular places that don’t see those crowds, however and as a local in Tampa, I like to avoid the touristy areas as much as I can.

They are usually too crowded as well as at times, they can get a bit rowdy. Two of my favorite places to go to avoid the tourist crowd are Mandarin Heights as well as M.Bird, mandarin Heights is a good speakeasy-style bar that serves the best drinks. And M! Bird is an expensive rooftop bar that overlooks the river as well as the gorgeous skyline. The best area about these bars is that they are great throughout the year. Although M.Bird is a rooftop bar, there are portable patio gas furnaces available when the weather is chilly outside. These portable gas furnaces can be moved around so that the guests can be as comfortable as possible… I have been to this bar during the Summer in addition to during the Wintertide weeks as well as I have always been comfortable while sitting outside. I was there a couple weeks ago as well as there were lots of portable gas furnaces available. I suggested to be seated next to 1 of the gas furnaces as well as although the night was chilly, the portable gas furnace kept me moderate as well as toasty. I prefer spending time at different venues in Tampa, especially the 1s that have less tourists as well as frequented more by the locals.

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