My extended family is a lot of fun

When it came time to apply for school, I was dead set on leaving Washington to attend the University of CA, however I didn’t get accepted.

I also applied to school in Michigan to be closer to my extended family, however the cost of school in Ann Arbor was just too much.

Instead, I stayed close to house and got my associates degree at Spokane Community College. I rented an house on East Marshall Alocation for a number of years and rode my bike to campus whenever the weather would permit. Unfortunately, the oil gas furnaces at Spokane Community College were at somewhat of a low point when I was a student there about 20 years ago. The boilers were updated a number of years later, however they were woefully underpowered for the freezing winters in Spokane every year. I still live in Spokane however now I have a house in Lincoln Heights and I have a supplemental oil furnace to my central oil furnace. I have a wood stove and a storm generator to use in the event of a Wintertide power outage so we don’t have to worry about frozen pipes. My parents have radiant heated flooring in their townhouse in Dishman Hills and a big fireplace in the entryway that actually has a heat reclaiming system with HVAC duct as well. They have a gorgeous house and I like going to see them whenever I have an excuse to drive over there from Spokane on Interstate 90. The students at Spokane Community College don’t realize how self-explanatory they have it compared to people like myself and others who had to deal with subofficial oil gas furnaces when we were students there.


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