My dad owns an HVAC company in Tuscaloosa, AL

My dad owns a small HVAC company in Tuscaloosa, AL and he has been running it for over 40 years now! My dad literally eats, sleeps, and breathes heating and cooling for some reason.

He has been doing heating and cooling work for people all around the Tuscaloosa, AL area since before I was even born. Sometimes it seems crazy for me to think about that fact, but that’s really how it is. My mom and dad got married and right after that is when he opened up the HVAC company in Tuscaloosa. I don’t know how they ended up deciding to stay here for all of these years, but everyone in my family loves living here. We are all happy to stay in the Tuscaloosa, AL area and everyone but my one little sister works for my dad at the HVAC shop. I think that she will probably end up working there too, some day. She just hasn’t done it yet. Both of my older brothers and I, along with our older sister, all work for my dad at the HVAC company. I guess after 40 years, you are bound to grow your local clientele. That’s why my dad is so busy at work these days with tons of furnace and air conditioning installations and repairs. He is really happy that most of his kids are HVAC certified and they are all working for him. He says that it is exactly what he always wanted so that makes me happy too. I’m happy to be a part of something that’s so important to him. Running a family HVAC business is a great way for us all to make a living.



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