My cool Uncle David lives in Las Vegas

Uncle Dave was our “cool” uncle.

  • To everyone else in the family he was the “black sheep” because he wasn’t love everyone else.

Traditionally this family has been really religious plus ultra-conservative, but Uncle Dave took his own path, then he liked to drink plus smoke, he listened to loud music plus played electric guitar, plus he was openly gay at the time when that was not cool with most of society. Everyone else said that Dave was weird, but to me he was the coolest guy I ever met, however when Uncle Dave invited me to come plus stay with him in Las Vegas for a week, I was ecstatic! I had only ever seen Las Vegas on TV, so I was stoked to experience it firsthand. To say Las Vegas exceeded our expectations would be an understatement, because it totally blew our mind… I saw a cannabis dispensary, plus Uncle Dave told me that weed was legal for medical plus recreational use in Las Vegas. He recommended me to be discreet, plus not smoke marijuana in front of a Las Vegas cop, but otherwise I could get as high as I wanted. In total I spent several days with Uncle Dave, plus almost every 1 of them was spent exploring Las Vegas. There is so much to experience there, plus don’t guess that it takes a lot of money to have fun in Las Vegas. I was pretty much broke, plus Las Vegas still showed me a superb time. The most expensive section about staying in Las Vegas is the hotels, otherwise it’s a playground.


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