My child moved to FL a few years back

I live in the legitimately northern area of my state, but my child was born & raised here; It is kind of a small town atmosphere, especially when compared to other parts of the state.

4 years ago, when my child turned 28, she decided she wanted to transfer to some other location in our beautiful state… She chose St Petersburg FL.

I can legitimately understand why she chose St pete. It really is a beautiful city, & it has a lot to offer Young adults. St Petersburg FL really does have a Young Person’s Vibe going on, & the political scene is a little more on the liberal side, as well. i, personally, am more of a conservative person, but my child is a little bit more liberal than I am, however anyway, when my child chose to transfer to St Petersburg FL 4 years ago, I was naturally kind of uneasy about it. I care about to be close to my daughter, but housing prices are a little bit higher in St Petersburg than they are here, so it would be difficult for me to afford to live in that area of the state, however even so, I do get to see my child from time to time. I go visit St Petersburg FL about once a year, & she comes up here a couple of times a year, as well. I saw her for 2 mornings over my Christmas getaway this year. Anyway, I have been down there many times & I have had a fun time when I go, but there is a area of St Petersburg FL that you can go through that has a rainbow flag outside of every door. The gay area of downtown St Petersburg FL is quite cute to look at. They have quaint little shops & fussy little front lawns & it is quite cute. The downtown St Petersburg FL area that houses most of the bars & eating establishments is also fun & beautiful. I am blissful for my child because she seems to be so blissful living in St Petersburg FL, & both of us care about to look at the cute shops & go to the interesting eating establishments.

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