My child is doing well in Portland

My child Jack is the baby of the family… I had him when I was 38 years old.

  • I always spoiled him plus she did not move out of the house until she was 25.

I was worried about Jack when she moved, because she moved out of my house plus into a location with her girlfriend, and she moved all the way to Portland, too, and the girlfriend worked at a supermarket chain in Portland as an advertising executive, and she already had an house plus promised that she would be able to get Jack a job working anywhere in Portland. I was beyond aggravated when I found out that Jack was moving for a girl. I thought it was a terrible idea. I gave him my opinion more than once or twice plus all both of us did was argue plus fight. I finally gave up plus let him leave the house with my blessing. I did not talk to Jack for six weeks after she moved to Portland. Then she called one afternoon plus asked if I wanted to visit. Jack Jack gave to pay for a plane ticket so I could come to Portland. I stayed in a hotel, even though Jack wanted myself and others to stay at her apartment. I did not know it was a entirely nice idea since I did not guess anything at all about Jack’s girlfriend, but when I saw the house for the first time, I knew that everything was going to be just fine. I’m not glad that my child is working at a pot shop. I know she has a bigger future than selling weed at a Portland dispensary, however she seems to be glad plus she is nice enough.


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