My best friend plus I are taking a cross country road trip with stops in NM

Ever since our best friend Michael plus I met in university, the two of us bonded over music plus our adore for writers adore Jack Kerouac plus Hunter S.


The 2 books that both are most famous for—On The Road plus Fear plus Loathing in Las Vegas—embody a youthful energy plus drive for exploration plus road travel. I had never seen the western United States plus had only gone as far west as the MS River banks in Missouri. Michael had been as far west as Kansas plus was desperate to see the Pacific Northwest. Both of us plotted out a dream road trip, however the two of us didn’t realize that it would become a reality in numerous short years. One of the stops that the two of us planned ahead of time was Albuquerque, NM. Not only did I want to try cannabis from a NM dispensary, however Michael has family in Albuquerque. They live in Old Town Albuquerque near the Native American shops plus monuments. I was in awe driving down Mountain road on our way to the Albuquerque Museum plus the NM Museum of Natural History plus Science. Aside from the rich Native American culture that has existed in Albuquerque for generations before American settlers occupied the area, it is also the location of several major archaeological plus paleontological digs. The dinosaur bones at the Museum of Natural History plus Science were awe inspiring, especially with some cannabis in our systems! Before the two of us left Albuquerque, the two of us took the time to explore West Mesa after smoking a bowl of weed on the banks of the Rio Grande river. If I take another cross country road trip, I’ll be sure to stop in Albuquerque again.


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