Muskegon, MI allows recreational marijuana establishments.

Once Michigan created laws for medical marijuana in 2008, we hoped it wouldn’t be long before laws for recreational were passed.

I live in Muskegon, MI, and I knew many people who enjoyed marijuana.

I know many people who think we’re all stoners, but many of those people imbibe in alcoholic beverages more often than we use marijuana. They even complain about the people who use medical marijuana, but think nothing about stopping at the bar for a beer on the way home. In 2018, when laws were passed to all for legal recreational marijuana, we were all excited. We soon saw recreational marijuana establishments. States understand that once you legalize recreational marijuana, the rate of consumption is going to go up. For this reason, they have allowed for legal recreational marijuana establishments. People can go there, bring their own marijuana, and use it while enjoying the company of others. Much like a BOB restaurant, marijuana establishments do not sell marijuana, but give someone a place that isn’t their home to use marijuana without fear of arrest. For the first time in years, I was old enough to use recreational marijuana, and I no longer had to hide in my garage or home to use it. Muskegon was giving us marijuana establishments where we could congregate. I wonder if the police won’t give us fines, like if we’re walking home and high, but I’m not worrying about it. Marijuana users can finally go where there are friendly faces, just like people who drink beer, wine, and alcoholic beverages.

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