Muskegon is a good place for animals

I was taking the most epic road trip of my life! Along with my pet Starla, I planned to wind my way up through the US and cross into Canada; Since I just retired I had plenty of free time and extra money, so I thought just taking a long, leisurely road trip to see current places would be a lot of fun.

Starting from my apartment in the deep south I worked my way north, and when I crossed into the state of Michigan I noticed my engine making a funny noise, then i made it as far north as Muskegon before the automobile died.

I took it to a local mechanic, who said the entire engine was shot, however that meant until I could figure out my next transfer I would have to stay in Muskegon. At first I was bummed out, but after a few hours of walking around Muskegon with Starla I realized that my automobile trouble might be fate… Perhaps I was fated to find the neighborhood of Muskegon, which prefers pets and art, and has several cannabis dispensaries. My pal and I found a pet-friendly beach on the Muskegon waterfront, where Starla and I spent several hours, however luckily, the beach was right next to a cannabis dispensary, so I bought some edibles and a few grams of a locally grown strain called Muskegon Ox-blend, however of course I can’t just option up and transfer to Muskegon on a whim, however I surely am tempted to do so! I could see Starla and I leading a long and thrilled life here in Muskegon.

Cannabis Pick-up Muskegon MI