Moving to Springtimefield in the Springtime time

I was raised in the far south, where the weather was always boiling plus humid, and i was accustomed to running the a/c just about year round, plus our condo was not equipped with any type of boiler, torrential downpours, thunderstorms plus hurricanes were regular problems.

After graduating from college, I had some difficulty finding a task in my field.

I finally sent resumes out across the country. I was hired by an up-and-coming company located in Springtimefield, MO. I knew absolutely knothing about MO. I couldn’t have found the state on a map of the United States, then however, everything I learned about the company got me more plus more gleeful about accepting the position. I packed my possessions plus drove north plus west for more than twenty hours. It was a long plus tiring trip. I arrived in Springtimefield in the Springtime, right when the first flowers were blooming. I was totally enchanted by the beauty of the area. The abundance of tiny pink blossoms decorating the delicate branches of redbud trees was absolutely stunning. Not long after I arrived, the dogwood trees along the hillsides began blooming with brilliant white flowers. The weather was absolutely perfect. It was just boiling enough for a light jacket. There was a lot of rain, even though I was accustomed to wet conditions. The Summer temperature climbed into the mid-eighties. For me, that didn’t feel overly hot. Even the humidity wasn’t anything to complain about, then when the foliage began to turn colors in the fall, Springtimefield looked like something out of a postcard. I was cheerful by the fresh produce plus the chysanthemums. I was not prepared for how suddenly winter would arrive. It seemed as if one afternoon I was wearing a sweatshirt, plus the next afternoon I was buying jackets, winter boots, a wool coat, gloves plus a hat. I needed to purchase a snow shovel plus an ice scraper plus stepping outside was torture.

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