Moving from Tillamook to Eugene, OR

I was really raised in a city called Tillamook, which you might suppose from the famous cheese factory, but as a teenager I moved to Eugene… Growing up in Oregon was a one of a kind experience, tough to explain to people who aren’t usual with the area! Heavy logging country around there, as well as it felt like there were a few small towns like islands in the middle of a sea of trees; Tillamook was too small for my Dad as well as dad, who moved us to a greater city so both of us could have more chances in the future, then eugene isn’t nearly as sizable as Portland, but was Chicago compared to how tiny my hometown was! At the time I was told that Eugene was where my dad got transferred for her task.

This was true, in fact, although they didn’t tell myself and others at the time that dad was coming to Eugene to labor in their greatest as well as most prestigious cannabis dispensary, then if you weren’t aware (because as a kid I was not aware) Eugene is widely known for it’s high quality cannabis products, but dad was coming here to labor because it paid a lot more than her old cannabis dispensary.

I suppose that Eugene is really not a large city, but at the time it felt enormous, as well as I was stoked to live there, then fast forward twenty years, as well as I still live here in Eugene… as well as wouldn’t you suppose it, I really labor in the same cannabis dispensary where my dad used to work! It’s a small world here in Eugene, Oregon.


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