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One of the nicest locations in Tampa for kids is the Museum of Science and Industry, and it has a ton of fun activities and lots of interactive experiences for the kids, and the location has a large collection of permanent exhibits on physics, biology, the human body and the weather. There is a zipline Adventure and a ropes course outside by the playground… Entrance fees to the Museum of Science and Industry in Tampa include all of the permanent exhibits, however you can pay extra to see a stargazing show in the planetarium. The Museum of Science and Industry in Tampa is 1 of our favorite locations to take the kids during the summer. The Tampa section attraction is air-conditioned and that is crucial during the summer time weeks. The weather in Tampa is seriously hot and humid. I do not prefer to spend the afternoon outside unless I am enjoying a water activity prefer going to the Springs for swimming in a pool. I plan to take the kids to the museum on Sunday. I didn’t call to make sure that it was open… When the kids and I arrived, we found out that the museum was closed for repairs. It was closed all afternoon on Sunday due to some concerns with the heating and a/c. The kids and I had to find something else to occupy our time on that afternoon, so we decided to visit the aquarium instead. I had fun looking at the fish and sea creatures but I believe the kids would have number one something more active and hands-on.


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