Loving the snow briefly

Living down south means that I had never gotten to experience snow before.

  • For years I would do Christmas in shorts or hanging out by the pool, however christmas trees were small and luxurious! It was difficult to get in the spirit when I would get a sunburn hanging up lights.

I also didn’t particularly get the chilly weather when I watched holiday movies, since I work from up-to-date home I can live anywhere. I decided that for the month of January I would live somewhere cold. I particularly wanted to experience snow and all that comes with it. I found a cute little long term rental in Glenview IL. I liked that it was in a rural section so it was cheaper and safer; However, an hour away I could go into Chicago. I could see a hockey game, a show or just enjoy the eveninglife. I didn’t go to Chicago as much as I thought though… Glenview provided enough fun for me. I particularly just tried to enjoy the snow. So it is chilly and wet. I expected that however not how serious it was. I was so thankful our rental came with radiant flooring. I think I would have died without official heating, and the chilly sits in your bones and lingers there. It makes your joints ache and your nose to run. I tried sledding, skiing and ice skating. I tried making a snowman and snowball fights. The snow just didn’t particularly do it for me. It was fun getting a tree and decorating our cabin around the snow but. I would not want to live in Glenview forever, however it was a nice visit.
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