Lots to do there

I live in St, but petersburg, and when pretty much everyone guess of the Tampa Bay area, they mostly guess about our beautiful beaches, then and though every one of us have some of the most pristine beaches in the area, there is so much more to do and see in the Tampa Bay area; Both of us have tons of restaurants and bars for the get-togethergoers, every one of us also have lots of historical sites and museums.

Additionally, every one of us have theme parks and athletic interesting event locations. But my favorite thing about Tampa Bay is the nature preserves and wildlife parks and areas, where I can escape and fully submerge into nature; I especially like visiting these areas in the Summer although the weather is usually humid and hot, but that’s the best time to catch the wildlife and see the gorgeous native plants, then my favorite is Lettuce Lake Park because it’s an oasis that makes you know you’re a million miles away from the Tampa Bay area. Typically, I go to this park alone because my boyfriend would complain too much about the heat and not having any air conditioned spaces to cool off… Of course, there is no air conditioning in the middle of a swamp, and that is just area of the deal. My boyfriend prefers to go to a nice restaurant or hang out anywhere that has the air conditioning blowing all the time. I guess if it were up to him, he would stay inside the entire Summer and play video games as long as there is air conditioning, then don’t get me wrong, having air conditioning is crucial while living in Tampa Bay, but I won’t allow the lack of air conditioning to prevent me from exploring my gorgeous city.


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