Los Angeles is known for a great cannabis scene

Everybody knows that Los Angeles has a great cannabis scene.

My friends and I decided to go to LA this year to celebrate 420.

Usually we stay home, but we decided to drive an hour to one of the Los Angeles marijuana services. The Los Angeles marijuana service was having a huge blowout sale. Everything in the marijuana dispensary was 40% off. There were no limits to the amount of items that you could purchase online. My friends and I drove to LA in the morning. We went right to the dispensary where the sale was taking place. There was already a line of people outside. I honestly wasn’t surprised given the fact that the whole place was 40% off. While my friends and I were waiting in line, we overheard some other people talking about a place that had similarly great sales. My friends and I got the name of that dispensary in Los angeles. After we bought the supplies that we wanted from that particular place, we decided to visit the other place that the person in line mentioned to us. That particular marijuana dispensary was giving away free goodie bags with any $50 purchase. We had no idea that the goodie bags would contain lots of great stuff, but they were filled with edibles, free marijuana flour, and lots of stickers and fun stuff. It was a great idea to go to LA for the cannabis holiday. We really saved a lot of money on cannabis supplies and we went home with a ton of free stuff that was easily worth the same amount of money that we probably spent that day on supplies.

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