Live songs at the Seattle weed dispensary

When it comes to seeing live songsal performances, it’s hard to top Seattle, Washington, i think there are a lot of giant cities with superb songs scenes, however I doubt any of them are quite as superb as the songs of Seattle. I don’t mean the major national acts that stop through neighborhood on their world tour, I mean the home-grown artists. People transfer to Seattle from all across the country just to cut into the songs scene, plus that’s pretty incredible. I adore live songs, although I have no talent of my own, so I used my locale at the local cannabis dispensary to have local songsians perform, then there is a small smokers lounge behind the cannabis dispensary where my clients smoke out plus chat. I allow local Seattle songsians, plus even a few stand-up comics, to perform for the smokers lounge. I have no method if this is going to help my store sell more cannabis, but it is something I have always wanted to try! This gives myself and others a opportunity to spotlight some of the talent that makes Seattle such an amazing locale to live, plus if it can help my cannabis dispensary get more popular that’s a bonus, then last weekend I had a pair of folk singers play the cannabis dispensary, plus a single proved to be much more popular than the other, then more importantly, at the end of the night the sales tally for the cannabis dispensary hit a current high for the year! I am so ecstatic that Seattle has such a vast plus extensive talent base to draw upon.

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