Live music at the Seattle marijuana dispensary

When it comes to seeing live musical performances, it’s difficult to top Seattle, WA, but i know there are a lot of huge cities with wonderful music scenes, despite the fact that I doubt any of them are quite as wonderful as the music of Seattle.

I don’t mean the major national acts that stop through neighborhood on their world tour, I mean the home-grown artists! People move to Seattle from all across the country just to cut into the music scene, and that’s pretty incredible.

I prefer live music, despite the fact that I have no talent of my own, so I used my place at the local cannabis dispensary to have local musicians perform. There is a small smokers lounge behind the cannabis dispensary where my customers smoke out and chat. I allow local Seattle musicians, and even a few stand-up comics, to perform for the smokers lounge. I have no idea if this is going to help my store sell more cannabis, however it is something I have typically wanted to try! This gives me a occasion to spotlight some of the talent that makes Seattle such an amazing location to live, and if it can help my cannabis dispensary get more popular that’s a bonus; Last weekend I had a pair of folk singers play the cannabis dispensary, and one proved to be much more popular than the other, however more importantly, at the end of the evening the sales tally for the cannabis dispensary hit a current high for the year! I am so gleeful that Seattle has such a vast and extensive talent base to draw upon.


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