Learning to love cannabis vapes

I can pick from my favorite terpenes

I was always a fan of classic cannabis flower. I’m fairly skilled at rolling a proper joint. I like choosing good quality bud, determining just how much to add and catering to my preferences for everything from the potency of THC to cannabinoids. However, the process is time-consuming and requires extra gear. There’s always some mess and waste. Traditional smoking creates ash and odors. Now that recreational cannabis is legal in Illinois, I can make the trip to the Chicago dispensary and have my choice of consumption methods. I consulted with a budtender about options. I explained my love of smoking and my hope to find something similar but easier and more discreet. He recommended vapes. Vapes are especially simple and easy to use. Most of the devices require little more than pushing a button and inhaling the vapor. Some of the fancier vapes allow the temperature to be customized. There are disposable cartridges for one-time use and those that are refillable. The carts include a battery that works to heat the cannabis just to the point of vaporization. Because the cannabis isn’t actually burned, there are no carcinogens, making vapes a healthier alternative. Plus, the amount of odor is negligible and dissipates immediately. No extra accessories are necessary. Vapes are super popular, which has led to a broad selection of options. There are indicas, sativas and hybrids available in THC-dominant, CBD-dominant and every combination. I can pick from my favorite terpenes. The vapes are convenient because they are portable. I can bring a vape pen with me when I go on a hike, meet up with friends or relax in the hammock in the backyard.
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