Las Vegas never sleeps for more reasons than one.

I’m not sure what I was thinking when I had my wedding in Las Vegas, NE.

  • Aside from the fact that Las Vegas, Nevada is one of the biggest party scenes in the US, I don’t think I really put a lot of consideration into the thought.

As soon as we got off the plane and got to the hotel, the entire wedding party started going in different directions. My maid of honor and her husband took off to find the nearest marijuana dispensary. She had read that recreational marijuana was legal in Las Vegas, and she was going to buy enough to get the party started. Two panic attacks and an hour later, no one was back, and it was time for the wedding rehearsal and I was the only one there. Fifteen minutes after I arrived, my fiancé arrived. He informed me that 90% of our bridal party was busy eating cakes at the cannabis café. I didn’t know if I wanted to be angry, or go get them. We were in the fabulous city of Las Vegas, Nevada, and all my friends wanted to do was go to a cannabis café. I wasn’t just a bride, but I was becoming a Bridezilla, and I was about to go rip into eight people at the nearby cannabis café. I had my hands on my hips as I walked toward the door of the hotel to go outside. When I opened the door, it was only to bump my sister in the nose with the door, causing all eight of them to fall on top of each other. My sister handed me a bag with the slogan of the cannabis café written all over it, and a shout of congratulations.


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