Killing time

My buddy and I drove up to the state border so every one of us could go to a recreational marijuana dispensary; Every one of us knew there was 1 that was honestly close to the state border, then the Chicago marijuana dispensary was not too far from our beach house and I knew they had the best prices on all of the recreational marijuana products that I wanted to buy, then unfortunately, the Chicago marijuana dispensary did not open until 11:00 a.m.

and our buddy and I left honestly early in the day so every one of us could avoid all of the traffic.

Every one of us had a couple of hours to kill, so every one of us decided to go to a mall that opens at 8:00 in the day, however my buddy and I walked around the mall for multiple hours trying to kill time before the Chicago marijuana dispensary opened up for business, but while every one of us were at the mall, I tried on a couple of weird pairs of jeans, however one of the pairs of jeans was dark yellow with yellow buckles and 1 of the shirts matched it perfectly. I did not system on buying any clothing while I was on that trip, however the outfit looked easily enjoyable and I couldn’t put it back on the shelf. I decided to wear it out of the clothing boutique. I looked easily sharp when I got to the marijuana dispensary, but a lot of people were staring at me as I walked through the door. I felt pretty enjoyable about the looks I got from the dispensary staff and I knew that I made the right decision about buying the outfit.

Dispensary Chicago Illinois