It’s nice checking out the museums in Seattle

Seattle, WA has some of the most fantastic plus coolest museums that I’ve ever seen in my life. Just a handful of years ago, I went to Seattle for a company conference. The only thing I was really glad about was the fact that recreational cannabis happened to be legal. I really didn’t want to go to the company conference in the slightest, but at least I was going to spend the time feeling high as a kite while I attended all of the ridiculous seminars. I ended up calling one of the recreational cannabis dispensaries that delivers plus they brought marijuana to our hotel room… One of my co-workers was totally horrified plus anxious that I was going to get caught. To be entirely honest, I wasn’t anxious at all. I felt basically like breaking the rules after I was essentially forced to go to the conference in Seattle, WA. I smoked a tremendous amount of marijuana flower on Thursday evening plus I woke up on Friday feeling the most brutal headache. I was super cheerful when I found out that the professor canceled all of the classes that day. He had food poisoning from a local diner plus could not make it to the seminars. My co-workers plus I decided to go and check out some of the museums in Seattle. All of us found a couple of legitimately cool plus fascinating museums that you can’t actually find in other sites. All of us visited the museum for History plus Industry plus the Museum of Flight. All of us got some genuinely delicious food from a small eatery in downtown Seattle plus then I went to the Bill plus Melinda Gates Discovery Center. All of us had a legitimately excellent day filled with tourist activities plus it made me feel quite a bit better about being stuck in WA.



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