It was way too cold to keep fishing after lunch

Jack and I have been friends since we were in elementary school.

We both attended the same Elementary School in Alsip, illinois.

I moved to Alsip when I was in the second grade and Jack and I have known each other since then. We spent a lot of time hanging out by Lake Michigan during the summer. His parents had a place by the lake and I went with him every single summer when we had a break. When Jack and I were old enough to go places on our own, we started taking his small boat out to the water so we could go fishing. We were previously fishing from the docks, but having a boat meant that we could really open up our range and try fishing in some different spots. When we left that morning to go fishing, it was 31° outside and I told Jack that it might be too cold. He said that he believed the temperature was going to warm up. The temperature did not warm up at all. It never got warmer and eventually we had to end our day instead of continuing our fishing journey. It was very cold and chilly and there was no heat on the boat. On our way back to the marina, I thought I was going to end up with frostbite. I ran the heater on high all the way home. By the time we got back home to Alsip, I was ready to sit down in front of the fireplace for a while.



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